I have been practicing and studying the art of trance for five years.  I give credit to my main teachers - Rosalyn Grady, Caitlin Matthews, and Christina Pratt.  Much of my learning has also been "spirit-led" through the help of non-human teachers, including my ancestors.  This is an embodied practice that uses ritual, music and movement to access invisible realms and receive guidance from various non-human teachers.  For the past year, I have been slowly learning to do this work on behalf of other people.  As I am still learning, I do this work on a by donation basis, and only if the circumstances/client are appropriate for my skill level.        

What to expect

I do this work alone and at a distance.  Clients are not physically present for the session.  Clients and I work together to craft a focus for the session.  I offer guidance and notes from the session afterwards via email.  I work with individuals, groups, businesses, and non-profits.

Appropriate focus for a session

- asking for a broader perspective on a life situation

- asking for the 'next step' in an unfolding process

- asking to be shown how one's perspective on a situation is biased or unbalanced

- asking for a priority to be shown, 'what is an important priority at this moment?'

- asking to be shown one's gifts

- asking to be shown how those gifts can best serve the community

- asking for information to help make a wise decision

Inappropriate focus for a session

- wanting to know about other people's private business or motivations

- medical diagnosis

- wanting to know about the future, how everything will unfold, as a means of not having to risk experiencing life and making choices

- any inquiries that would be best held by a medical or mental health professional

- asking for decisions to be made for you or which decision is "best"

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