Moving into Winter - The Dreaming Void

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

"Only through practices that bring us close to the cycles of Nature do we begin to hear the voice of our own nature clearly."

- Paul Pitchford

The cyclic nature of our world is undeniable. Huge celestial bodies and tiny microscopic cells operate according to precise, gracefully timed cycles. We are all embedded within the continuous interplay of dark and light. Most of what the dominant culture labels as sophistication and intelligence, is actually fragmentation. Fragmentation not only misses the point, but serves to distract from the point. The point is harmony - the interconnection of essentials. Harmony is an ecosystem built out of the true essence of all parts.

Creation begins with a journey taken across the threshold between the known and the unknown. Wisdom, healing, insight, and innovation have deep roots in the darkness. Venturing into the void allows individuals to touch upon their core dream, the true essence that yearns to grow through the vehicle of their life. In its embryonic form, it is a vague feeling, a faint whisper, a spark, a seed that emits a melody of undeniable realness. Trusting in this sense of inner potential, the individual returns from the void with the task of nurturing its growth.

Winter can be a great ally in the process of connecting with the dream that yearns to dream through one's life and heart. The long dark nights and the cold weather lend themselves well to inward journeys. Everyone is capable of carving out time for solitude and introspection, even if life is overwhelming or busy. The point is to begin where you are… To carve out a little space to allow the unfelt feelings to unfold like a roadmap.

These are three of the questions that I sit with each winter:

1) What is the core dream that the earth yearns to dream through my life and my heart?

2) What do I need to let go of to allow room for its growth?

3) What do I need to cultivate or transform to create fertile soil for its growth?

Deep introspection makes it more possible to be honest and present in relationship with others. Acquainting oneself with one's dreams results in clear, focused, meaningful action in the world. This benefits everyone. Again, the point isn't perfection… It is a process of constant learning and refinement.

The beauty of art, and life, is that we humans do not need to understand the ultimate truth that animates our world. We only need to understand our little truths, our relative truths. Our little dreams lead us, step-by-step into harmony, into a life that makes more sense on a personal and global scale.

Winter offers an opportunity to turn inward, and to delve deep enough into one's essence to uncover something timely and important, that can serve as a foundation for the year to come. Whether one renews an old dream or touches upon something entirely new, winter offers the chance to step into the void and to return bearing gifts.

with gratitude for the Sinixt territory/people and all my relations,


To work in a structured way with these concepts, book a one-on-one session.

So many thanks to all of my teachers, particularly Paul Pitchford, Christina Pratt, and Ursula K. LeGuin. Without their wisdom and inspiration this article would not have been possible.

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