Nothing real is ever truly lost.  Nature is constantly dying and being reborn as are we.  Over and over again, our essence is refined, distilled, and shaped by our experiences.  The meaning that we create out of these experiences influences how beautiful the pattern of our lives is free to become.  In a culture that denies death, fears change, and values security above all else, it takes courage to die and be reborn, to be willing to sacrifice everything in order to save it.


I began composing and recording music in tandem with the lunar cycles as a part of my recovery from an illness.  The moon became my anchor and my collaborator as I worked with one song per lunation.  With each cycle and with each song, my life re-orders itself into a form that feels healthier and more vibrant.  I use the basic tools available to me to record the simple, raw material that is emerging... I often collaborate with other musicians.  I work with film-makers or shoot the videos on my own.     


These songs have never felt like my own.  They show up dependably and I do my best to be receptive, to give them form and to share them.   They teach me new things, smooth out the discordances in my body, connect me with collaborators, and help me live in a healthier way.  


In June of 2016, I'll be releasing Nature//Cosmos, a full-length album which is an integration of the songs that have emerged since this process first began.  The album tells the story of one lunar year of life, death, healing, and resurrection - an hour-long piece with thirteen songs.  Unlike my previous studio albums, Nature//Cosmos was recorded in a paired down, raw format in my home studio.  


Nature//Cosmos, features the songs that have not been released publicly through the InvisibleFriends Lunar Releases.  I will be touring the piece, along with a projected film component, during the summer of 2016.  You can pre-order the limited press album/songbook here and/or contact me to host a performance.  I am limiting 2016 performances of Nature//Cosmos to 13 shows only so if you would like to host please book well in advance.    


Excited to be sharing this work at this time,




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