I created Invisible Friends as a container for sharing my work.  The common thread that binds all of my creative work, my writing, and my services, is my collaboration with the invisible world.  I am an animist, which means that I believe that life is made up of many connected beings and relationships, all having their own unique perspectives and purposes.  I have relationships with the human, as well as, the non-human world.  My belief is that anyone can be in relationship with the non-human world and I hope that my work can facilitate that relationship for some. 


In these times of environmental degradation, and sociopolitical bleakness, I see building and maintaining relationships with the non-human world as essential to our survival as a species.  This is very practical, uncomplicated, and reasonably fun work.  I believe that the people that are alive in this time can use their unique gifts to create a beautiful, more inclusive world.

with gratitude for the invisibles and the Sinixt people/territory,

<3 Rhoneil + the Invisibles 







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